California Adoption Agreement Form

If he or she doesn`t agree with the adoption, you can still adopt if: If you still can`t find the other biological parent after trying, you need to explain to the judge everything you tried to find the other parent, along with the data you tried and the results. If the judge agrees that you have tried all sorts of things, the judge can have you adopted without informing the other biological parent. If the answer to these two questions is “yes,” the kind of adoption case you have is a boot adoption to confirm parentage. This means that you do not need the social worker to conduct an investigation or report. And you do NOT have to go to court for a trial. Follow steps 1-6 below and you`ll be ready. Create 2 copies of the ADOPT-200 form (video instructions) and any local appendices and forms you may need to complete. If your court`s family law intermediary or self-help centre helps people with adoptions of parents or domestic partners, ask them to check your documents. You can make sure that you have completed it before proceeding with your file.

The Social Services Department will inform you of other forms to submit if you contact them.

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