Capital Introduction Agreement

The following is our agreement, taking into account the promises or actions of the other. The __DATE__, __NAME__ __COMPANY__, I have provided you, directly or indirectly, with a list of “listed venture capital” and/or in return for your consent to the payment of compensation or a finder`s Fee for this introductory service if an investment results directly or indirectly from this service. We agree that the introduction of capital is a service offered by most major brokers as part of the prime brokerage package that hedge funds opt for the prime number in a given company. The introduction of capital functions as a form of “quasi-marketing,” in which clients are introduced to investors without violating sec rules on fund marketing. [1] 5. This is different. This Agreement is binding on all parties and their estates, heirs, successors and authorized beneficiaries of the assignment. This Agreement may only be amended by the written agreement of all parties. This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the written consent of the other party. This agreement is the whole agreement between us.

In the event that legal proceedings are necessary to interpret or enforce the provisions or this Agreement, the successful party shall be entitled, in such dispute, to recover all legal costs, reasonable attorneys` fees and costs related to the enforcement or forfeiture of a judgment rendered. A court`s decision that any part of this Agreement is unlawful shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The advisor will not participate in negotiations on behalf of the client or an investor. Nor will the advisor provide the client or an investor with information that could serve as a basis for such negotiations. The Advisor assumes no responsibility for the terms, conditions or provisions of an agreement between the Client and an Investor, nor does it make any recommendations, including the manner or means of entering into the Transaction. Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage reports that in 1997 it introduced the concept of capital introduction to connect clients with target investors. [2] Overall, hedge funds are not regulated by the SEC[3] IPO teams are effectively prevented from “marketing” a fund and instead work to “introduce” clients to institutional investors (foundations, foundations, funds of funds, pension funds, family offices and private banks) who have expressed interest in the hedge fund strategy. Capital injection teams are traditionally prevented from reaching out to investors through a given fund after their introduction, except to get feedback, as this could be interpreted as marketing. 1. Listed venture capital.

Listed venture capitalists, i.e. venture capital investors that I formally prepare for you and your organization. These venture capital investors are defined as any venture capitalist who offers them an introduction to your projects and/or your business, or their partners, co-investors, investors, co-investors or other companies that are purchased in your projects and/or business through a venture capitalist who invests with you…

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