Collective Bargaining Agreement Sweden

To see and calculate the impact of your income in different situations, depending on whether or not you have a collective agreement, visit, a website run by PTK on behalf of the Swedish Association of Engineers and other organisations. It is important to determine which collective agreement applies to your position so that you can learn about your working conditions. If you have any questions about salary or leave for posted workers or the content of a given collective agreement, please contact the organisation below. What exactly is a round of negotiations? It forms the basis of collective agreements and is a recurring event. The social partners are negotiating new agreements that govern wages and working conditions, and negotiations will take place in three general stages: emphasis and requirements, contract negotiations and the signing of agreements. Then begins the work on the implementation of the agreements on the ground. However, since the effect of the collective agreement is traditionally greater than individual regulations, many of the issues that are regulated by law in other countries are still set out in collective agreements in Sweden. For example, there are no minimum wage laws. Accession to the EU since 1995 is another important political change and influence on Swedish labour law.

As a rule, there are separate agreements for workers and employees. National agreements on wages and general conditions of employment are mainly negotiated centrally in Sweden. There are more than 100 national organizations – about sixty trade unions and about fifty employers` organizations – which work each year to deal with more than 650 collective agreements affecting more than 3.5 million workers. During the term of the contract, both parties are obliged to ensure the peaceful maintenance of employment relations. The aim is generally to agree on longer rather than shorter contractual terms in order to ensure market stability. However, conflicting positions and Sweden`s uncertain economic situation have made the pay slip more difficult in recent times. As a result, this year`s negotiations have been the subject of more disagreements than usual. .

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