Contempt Of Court For Not Following Custody Agreement

If you find yourself in a situation where your educational plan and/or court injunction is vague and, as a result, you are causing problems between you and your co-parent, you may wish to start with a request for clarification before initiating a non-compliance procedure. A request for clarification asks the family court to explain certain provisions in more detail in your court order. This is if you do not intentionally obey a court order. RCW 7.21.030 (b). Be sure to stick to the point of hearing and not broach other issues. Normally, when the judge orders a show-case hearing, that hearing focuses on the application and response that was filed by the parents. Make sure you have carefully read and understood the application, letter and affidavit you filed, as well as any court documents filed by the other parent in response. Get a hearing date by signing a court order to go to court for a non-compliance hearing (injunction, reason to show) You cannot use contempt as soon as a court order has been terminated or amended. If the other parent of your child or children has not followed a custody decision made by the court, you can file a request for non-compliance. Court decisions may be enforceable by the contempt powers of the Tribunal.

If a person does not comply with the provisions of a court order, he or she may be prosecuted and punished. If your children`s other parent does not follow the custody plan or violates any of the provisions of the custody order, you can apply for non-compliance and bring them to court and punish them for not following the order. It is important that you keep in mind any specific periods and data that the other parent has violated the order. Any offence may be invoked in the application to demonstrate to the court that the custody order is not being complied with. A violation of a judge`s order usually leads to a finding of civil contempt and the party is punished. Sanctions may include: Follow your part of the plan. Two injustices are not right. Generally speaking, the judge will not be happy if you ask for help to implement your educational plan, if you do not also stop your end. If you follow your part of the educational plan, this may include a request for mediation in case of disagreement. If your child is in immediate physical danger, you can call law enforcement.

Is the order still in force? Some orders end on a specific date or when the court makes a final decision. You cannot force a command that has ended.. . .

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