Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Certificate Of Origin

CAFTA-DR FTA Text The full text of the agreement is provided by the USTR (United States Trade Representative). In order to facilitate export procedures, the Ministry of Foreign Trade has delegated to procomer origin certification procedures under contracts or agreements that must be approved by a competent certification authority. This agency certifies the origin of exports under the Generalised Systems of Preferences (GSP) with Australia, Belarus, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and Turkey. It also examines and certifies the origin of the Partial Scope Agreement with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the trade agreements signed with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Peru, the People`s Republic of China and the European Union. Box 7: For each good described in box 5, indicate which criterion (A to D) is applicable. The rules of origin are set out in Chapter IV and Section 1 of Annex IV. NOTE: To receive preferential tariff treatment, each product must meet at least one of the following criteria. If you have completed a certificate of origin but are unable to prove the originating status of the goods listed therein, you must inform all consignees and the exporting country. To fulfil this function, PROCOMER created the unit of origin created by the Regulation on the issuance of certificates of origin and the verification of the origin of exported goods (Decree No. 36651-COMEX of 1 June 2011, published in Official Gazette No. 136 on 14 July 2011).

The Ursprung Unit, attached to the central window of foreign trade, is responsible for verifying and certifying the origin of goods within the framework of trade instruments that determine the number of certifications checked. A free-form certification can be used as an alternative to presenting the Certificate of Origin of CAFTA-DR manufacturers and exporters and U.S. importers if they certify that their products meet the requirements of the CAFTA-DR Free Trade Agreement. . . .

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