Erwin End User License Agreement

erwin controls the sites from its offices in Tampa, Florida, United States of America. You agree that any legal action, procedure or other matter related to your access or use of information or websites will be governed by U.S. federal laws or Florida state laws. They accept the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts of the State of Florida for the resolution of all claims and disputes arising from and/or related to the access or use of websites. If it is established that a provision of this Contract is invalid or unenforceable, that provision will not affect the rest of this Contract and that Agreement will be considered amended as far as possible to make the rest valid and enforceable. You agree not to download, publish or publish software, files, information, communications or other content (a) on or on the website that violates or violates the rights of other content; (b) which, in the circumstances and under Von Erwin, is or may be considered misleading, misleading, defamatory, offensive or insulting by a intended recipient, in the circumstances and under Von Erwin; (c) that affect the performance or availability of the service; (d) that contain malware (z.B virus, worm or cancelbot), harmful components or damaged data; or (e) advertising, advertising or solicitation of goods or services for commercial purposes. You agree at all times to comply with and comply with all Current Erwin guidelines and guidelines, and agree that if Erwin does not comply with these guidelines, please terminate your access to the site. You agree to release Erwin from any damage, liability, cost and expense incurred by Erwin as a result of claims, judgments or judgments against Erwin by third parties resulting from the use or dissemination of software, files, information, communications or other content that you transmit to the site. In the event that Erwin receives such a request, it will notify you immediately in writing and will allow you to monitor on your own the defence of such a claim or action as well as any negotiations for its resolution and compromise, provided that you give Erwin reasonable assurances that you will carefully follow the resolution of the claim. You agree not to share site information with third parties, including, but not only, login and passwords, or related information or material provided by Erwin in connection with the Site. They agree not to engage in activities that could destabilize or jeopardize the integrity of the site.

You agree to immediately report any known security breaches, including the endangerment of a login/password or any other event that could compromise the integrity of the site. 3. SERVICES. Additional support services, including custom configuration, consulting, reporting, training and system integration, can be purchased separately by erwin as part of an addition to this contract. For clarity, erwin is not required to offer its own technology, the customer`s internal infrastructure, offer free training or provide advice on customer-produced content, such as views, reports, configurations or technologies and services provided by third parties, unless this is agreed in writing through an approved sales contract and a statement of work. 6.1 Customer. The Erwin Unscathed Client, its suppliers and licensors and assumes them from all claims, costs, losses, losses, commitments and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and fees) arising from or related to a claim that, if applicable, would constitute a breach of the Client`s obligations under Section 2 or 4 of this Agreement.

About Paul Demuth

I am a freelance photographer and wedding photographer, working in London, Sussex and the south east. I have been working as a photographer for over 12 years and prior to that I worked as an image retoucher and photography manager. I work with business, disability organisations and charities offering lifestyle and corporate photography. I also photograph weddings, family celebrations, portraits, interiors and products.
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