Fifth Third Bank Debit Card Agreement

Fifth Third Bank offers four different credit cards (all MasterCards) to meet the needs of its customers, including two cashback rewards, a toll-free card and a secure credit card: however, the fees on this account could be a bit expensive. Initially, the debit card is charged with a monthly service fee of $3.95. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $11, which is reduced to $8 if you have monthly direct deposits of at least $500. You can fully re-budget your monthly maintenance costs in one of seven ways: Fifth Third Bank offers a lot of comfort to customers in their geographic presence, which is enhanced by the network of free ATMs nationwide. The number of products and services offered, as well as savings and other incentives Fifth Third offers customers with multiple accounts, which means it can be a great headquarters for all your banking and financial activities. However, given the high monthly maintenance costs and low APY, customers may find that their current accounts are more expensive and that their interest accounts are cheaper than their competitors. While it is possible to eliminate monthly maintenance fees, the fifth third imposes stricter requirements than other banks to waive these fees. Add the monthly service fee of $3.95 for using a debit card except for the highest current account, and you often feel nickeled with an account in the fifth third. If you only need a few basic services or accounts, you can deposit a bank elsewhere. Investopedia`s mission is to provide consumers with an impartial and comprehensive assessment of banks. We`ve collected more than 20 data points from more than 80 banks, including available products, interest rates, fees and accessibility, to ensure our content will help users make the right decision for their savings and banking needs. It is also important to note that the APY for this current account is lower than the interest rates you can find in other banks, especially online banks.

This account has a service fee of $5 per month, which is waived for customers who also have a current account (except the express bank account – see below) who have a minimum monthly balance of $500, are under 18 years of age or log into the military bank.

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