Santander Agreement Number

You will find your contract number in your welcome letter/email, just below the date or in another message we sent. Click here to see an example letter. To ensure that your payment is associated with the correct agreement, please provide your contract number as a reference for online payments. You can also request in writing the voluntary termination of your contract. Written requests should be sent to: I have an account at home less than… I opened an account with them less than 3 weeks ago, remember that I have already customered in the past with them for a year and I decided to close the account because they never wanted to upgrade my account, this to 2013, now my father and I bet in a casino Ladbrokes won 2,600 euros cashed in on his account, well what he sent me 100 euros 0, then I deposited 20 euros on the casino of Sunvegas and earned 2000 euros I cashed for anti money laundering on the same method of deposit, so that my Santander card, which I was contacted yesterday, told me that it suspended my account for 80 days, that I contact Cifas time , which apparently there is a trademark of fraud under my name, that I had no idea and I do not even know what mean, so for this reason I asked for proof of the source, Wich I now need to give my father account nationally that he has been banking since 2013 and a statement of sun vegas on my 2000 dollars profit, where they can see and check all the money are legitimate, so I think they want to take money from customers during this pandemic, customers who are not rich, I brought all the evidence I will bring to the branch and ready to complain and ask for compensation because they cause me financial problems , simply because I had this brand of fraud, without any suspicious transaction in or out of my account. Please note that banks and businesses in England are no longer acting properly Alternatively, you should see it as your debit reference number on your statement of account or in your online bank. There are 7 numbers or 7 numbers and 1 letter, H, G or F. There are a number of settlement options that are the fastest and easiest at your disposal via our secure online payment system. Just click here. If you are accepted for a Santander loan, you must register and sign your credit agreement by clicking on the link below.

You can settle your contract at any time. Here you can ask for a billing number: No, this is only possible in exceptional cases. Talk to a member of our customer service team if you would like to discuss this further. Please note that contractual transfers are subject to an account management fee.

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