South Carolina Teacher Reciprocity Agreements

For more information on the requirements and the reciprocity certification process, visit the South Carolina Department of Education website or call 803-896-0325. To qualify for a professional certificate, you must complete the formal aDEPT summativen assessment process. Practice Qualifiers II: Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Educational assessment is required for a professional certificate if you have not completed the assessment as part of a teacher training program prior to a first certificate. Answer: The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement is a set of agreements between different countries that recognize elements of the teacher licensing process from one state to another. For example, many countries evaluate all teacher tests you have taken for the licensing process of another state and may exclude you from additional tests if it turns out that these tests meet the requirements of the new state. It is important to understand that intergovernmental agreements are not “directly transferred” agreements. You must apply for a learning license based on your new status and have your registration information evaluated. If it turns out that your registration information meets the typical requirements of the new state, you will receive a new license. If this is not the case, you will be informed of the additional requirements.

Troops to Teachers provides personalized advice for active and retired U.S. military personnel who aspire to a teaching career. This Department of Defense program, run by DANTES, helps qualified military personnel choose the best way to doctrinal certification in South Carolina. Eligible participants can qualify for a scholarship for teacher certification or a bonus for teaching in a high-level school. Indiana Reciprocity Procedure to a Non-Governmental License: If you have a valid out-of-state license and have completed a NCATE/CAEP or state-recognized teacher preparation program in another state and wish to obtain a teaching license for Indiana, or if you are from another state and do not have a learning license but want a teaching license for Indiana, you have access to a bachelor`s license. Before your first certificate expires, you must qualify for a professional certificate. This includes the completion of the summary evaluation process for the assistance, development and evaluation of The Professional Teaching (ADEPT) by a public school district in South Carolina.

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