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unless other agreements have been made with you In de overeenkomst tussen de leverancier en producent has been bepaald niets on termination. From two studenten hadden grondig jurisprudentie onderzoek gedaan. Zelfs bepalingen uit het Europese Burgerlijk Wetboek, die als soft law gelden waren uit de kast getrokken. Tijdens hun presentatie zat ik me alsmaar af te vragen waarom de producent niet gewoon nakoming vorderde nu de leverancier blijkbaar de overeenkomst had ontbonden (ende) zonder dat er sprake was van een tekortkoming. De verwerring war groot, zeker toen de studenten bleven volhouden dat de producent geen nakoming k`n vorderen in de casus die zij net hadden gepresenteerd. Op hun verzoek ging we over op het Nederlands: de leverancier bleek de overeenkomst te hebben opgezegd (completed) in hun bewoordingen). Toen not much het kwartje! It is possible to enter into a safe compensation contract for unemployment benefits if they are pregnant. The only difference is when you are sick because of your pregnancy. However, it is not recommended to accept a redundancy proposal with your employer too quickly.

That is, because of your pregnancy, you will have fewer opportunities in job interviews. Since you also have additional protection against termination because of your pregnancy, it is often possible to regulate better than your employer proposes. This may include, for example, the postponement of your leave date after maternity leave or an increase in severance pay. The dismissal specialist`s lawyers/lawyers are often able to do so. If you are pregnant and are involved in the termination, call us or email us. including termination contract for example (English version of Dutch vaststellingsovereenkomst) Brief statement: A fixed-term contract may be entered into if the person is employed for temporary purposes. In some cases, a redundancy date should be set (for example. B when the worker completes maternity leave for a person on maternity leave). This can be considered a notice of termination and there is no need to terminate the contract. Although there is no legal obligation to formal dismissal in these circumstances, it is a courtesy of the employer to remind the worker of the imminent date of dismissal.

For Goglio and SMQ, the above overview means that additional standards of adequacy and fairness can add other conditions to the terms that are actually included in the termination clause in the licensing agreement (point 2). Restrictive standards of adequacy and fairness may prevent a party from relying on the termination clause because it would not be acceptable (point 3). But all this did not help Goglio. According to the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal sufficiently recognized both standards by finding that the termination clause in the licensing agreement was adequate in all respects and was inadmissible only if the invocation of a termination was unacceptable. The Supreme Court therefore dismissed Goglio`s complaint.

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