Uclan Learning Agreement

This section records the actions taken to achieve the learning gains. Information on the resources available to achieve their goals and any strategies they can use to achieve their goals should be recorded. This section contains information on the time frame at which the goal is reached. A goal may require the entire duration of the placement before it is achieved, but some goals may be achieved earlier in the placement. It is proposed that a balance between the objectives in terms of time frames (some shorter than others) ensure that the learning agreement is dynamic and conducive to development. This section outlines the student`s learning goals for the internship. These must be formatted in SMART format (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, temporal). A useful prefix to help students write these goals is: “At the end of the internship, I will be able to do so,… No more than 6 objectives should be set at the beginning of mediation, but more can be added during conciliation, as the learning agreement is considered a working paper that is reflected in the production on the progressive learning gains. The University of Central Lancashire School of Medicine and the English Institute of Sport have signed a cooperation agreement. The apprenticeship agreement should be e-mailed by the student to the student before the end of the first week, so that the visiting teacher can give his opinion on the structure and content of the agreement. For the learning agreement to have maximum impact on the learning process, it must be reviewed weekly and modified throughout learning based on the student`s progress.

If goals are achieved, new goals can be added if necessary. This review is a bipartisan process and should involve both the clinical/practical educator and the students. In the first negotiations on the apprenticeship agreement, it is useful to agree on how and when to revise the apprenticeship agreement. As part of the agreement, EIS physiotherapists will be able to obtain academic credits for CPD and learning technical and non-technical activities, including the EIS`s unique ESPA program. In addition, students will identify personal learning goals (4 max) for the internship, which are agreed by the practitioner and the host teacher. The UCLan, following the ESPA modules and other CPD and learning activities, will provide university accreditation opportunities, all of which are offered as part of a broad program to support practitioner development. You can contact the student fees and promotion team by phone, email or mail. If you`re on campus, you can call The `i` for advice. Tel: `44 (0)1772 892440 E-mail: SFFTeam@uclan.ac.uk Fees and Student Team, Foster Building 117, UCLan, Preston, PR1 2HE The apprenticeship agreement is divided into several sections; “An essential part of the eiS`s success is its people and commitment to continuous improvement and the best thing it can be.

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