Rrb Je Bond Agreement

Please let me know the letter number from the Railway Board, which states that when an apprentice goes from railway to railway, there is no need to pay training fees and not have to get a new loan. (b) the conditions of the bond under which a worker of a central public enterprise receiving scientific and technical training on the costs of the government/public sector enterprise undertakes to reimburse that amount, if he does not serve the enterprise for a specified period after the completion of his training, should allow a worker in the absence of a public service; are not required to secure, with appropriate authorization, employment with the central government, a public enterprise or an autonomous body, wholly or substantially owned by the central government/state. A new deposit should be levied on the person concerned in order to ensure that it is intended for the new employer for the balance of the initial period. I am ALP (GP-1900) of the Delhi division since AUG-2016. I had signed a 5-year agreement to serve Indian Railways. I had applied for an open market at DMRC after coming to Railways, I had also taken NOC to perform in DMRC (IDA-13500 about GP-4200). I am in the Setember Railway 2013. And now I am selected in each national government. I want to know more about attachment.

I can do another nps pran no. Call the railway authorities to transfer the loan only to RBI &SBI. no other bank (PSB) fell into the category mentioned in the above rule. (c) In order to ensure that the requirement to obtain a new bond from a person is met, the company with which the worker made the initial undertaking may write to the organisation at the time of the transfer of his application, etc. I have to pay the money pls give details 1. The reference exception provided for in Article 1(2) of letter E (NG) 57 RC1/56 of the Steering Committee of The Railways of 21.01.1961, according to which, under the conditions laid down therein, railway agents should be required to reimburse training costs at the time of leaving the railway at the time of selection. A similar provision is also provided in the contract form/compensation guarantee, which is performed by trainees/trainees upon entry into the railway services. 2.

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