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Unfortunately, the same principles do not apply to the registration bonus, since the wording of the agreement explicitly states that the bonus is paid to a doctor “subject to the agreement and employed by a health service on 1 January 2018”. There is little chance that the deal will fail at this stage. This could only happen if the majority of doctors who vote in a given hospital vote against it. You have to vote YES to make sure this doesn`t happen. One of our goals was intergovernmental parity. Current agreements between states have wage increases of 2% to 2.5% pa and relatively few changes in terms and conditions of employment. This package puts Victoria better in terms of wages and intergovernmental conditions. Agreements become enforceable 7 days after approval. We expect the agreements to be approved next week. Yes, on February 14, 2018, the government approved two agreements, one for young and senior medical staff.

These agreements will go to a vote by hospital doctors in March. The two sides attended a Fair Work conference on 23 July to answer the Commission`s questions on the agreements. Over the past few months, AMA Victoria has negotiated, on behalf of our members, HIA and the government, negotiations on how reimbursement should be applied under the new corporate agreements. In particular, it was discussed whether a doctor is entitled to an additional payment if he left the public system between 1 January and 7 August 2018, the date on which the agreement was put into operation. We are pleased to inform you that doctors who have worked in a public health service during this period are entitled to the total additional payment of 9% after these negotiations. Hospitals are required to pay as soon as the agreements have been approved by the Fair Work Commission. If the vote is concluded, the agreements will be tabled at the end of March. The approval of the Fair Work Commission is 50% in 3 weeks, 100% in the 12th.

AMA Victoria asked the division to authorize payment earlier to minimize administrative delays. Once the development of the proposed agreements is complete, the Department of Health and Human Services will submit the proposed agreements for final approval by the government before proceeding to an employee vote in accordance with the Fair Work Act. All changes to the current rules will be implemented as soon as possible. The Parties to this Agreement undertake to meet as often as possible in order to reach a final agreement before 12 January 2018. The agreement applies to all medical staff employed at the public hospital (paid hourly or weekly) in Victoria. It does not apply to those who are independent contractors (i.e. small rural hospital VMOs) or to doctors who receive a “fee for the service”. As you may know, AMA Victoria took an unusual step in August to resolve a dispute with each health service covered by the AMA Specialist Enterprise Agreement. This step was taken after a year of frustration over the lack of progress in implementing new clauses of the agreement and following lengthy disputes over the interpretation of entitlements to permanent duty leave. It was also an attempt to bind all parties to the agreement to the outcome of the disputes.

Considerable progress has been made in the compendium dispute, with agreement on guidelines for clinical support time (CST) and medical education (CME) at two conciliation hearings with the Victorian Hospitals` Industrial Association (VHIA) in December. (Click the links to view the instructions.) The case was presented at a conference before a new Fair Work Commissioner, Vice-President Young, on Thursday, February 6, during which the parties will brief the Commissioner on the matter and the progress made on issues since the last consultation hearing. . . .

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